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Your tailor in the world of lighting

4ROOM products are born from concept to finished product in our 4ROOM factory in Estonia. We have a wide range of solutions that allow us to meet the most demanding customer's wishes quickly and with high quality!

Our history and experience dates back to 1959, since 2003 we have been operating under the 4ROOM brand name, which best reflects our business and face. FOR room or 4 different room-s :)

Inspired by life and nature, a teamwork between factory and designers finishes the product. We don't stop until the product is "Designed to Finish", this is the goal we follow.

Our desire is to be and to remain our own face and, through distinction, to provide (our) customers with brilliant and timeless lighting

We create products to last - the way our grandparents made them. That's why we use carefully selected natural materials sparingly, without compromising on quality. All materials and components are certified and made in the EU!

We only make products that delight our own hearts and eyes. We sincerely wish that the passion we put into our products reaches our customers through our products!

4ROOM is flexible in its production and if you wish, it is possible to assemble a luminaire to your exact requirements. It is possible to choose the number of light sources, the finish of the metal parts, the shape of the domes, the size and the fabric and material of the diffusers.

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