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SOLOVERO was created in 2016 as a way to realise some of the ideas of its creators and to present exclusive furniture and decorations to a demanding community. By using natural materials and original designs from antique wood, the company has arrived at the creation of modern products that often combine several styles and directions. Often the products are based around styles such as Loft, Wabi-Sabi and Scandinavian, and sometimes harmonise with classic and traditional styles.

The simplicity of the products, with their candid and open natural look, can embellish any interior where the owner is willing to combine modern materials with the warmth of vintage wood. The knowledge and experience we have acquired allow us to experiment and combine the incompatible in our products. Paradox is interesting to us.

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Solomenskaya Street, 33, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03141


Solomenskaya Street, 33, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03141


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