Stand : B1-35

I'm Johanna Randmann - a freelance musician who, in addition to singing and songwriting, above all loves creating art on both fabrics and canvases!

For quite a long time, I was spinning around in my head the idea of how to create something besides music that would also have a spiritual value. The spirit of life is about giving, while at the same time knowing that we expect nothing in return for our actions. It's a beautiful feeling when you can do something good for someone - it feeds the spirit with positive emotions and joy.

So what do I want to talk about? In the summer of 2020, I started hand painting/designing fun personalised puzzles with photos people sent me - portraits of their loved ones or pets. i've now painted over 300 products and interest has grown at a frantic pace.

20 Days to Go
Opening on 21.04.23
Interior Fair 2023

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