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I've always believed that you should do what you love - that's the only way to be fully committed and give your best, while being content and balanced. For most of my life I was a civil servant in public administration, doing it with great dedication and passion.

However, I have also loved creating things with my hands since I was a child. When I was expecting my second child, I became more and more involved in crafts and it became my hobby. Time went by and during that time I experimented with different crafts from embroidery, knitting, crochet to paper weaving. In the process of experimenting, I ended up making dream catchers, which I have been making for several years to this day.

Crafting became a great passion of mine, and I decided that I wanted to devote myself to it full time. My passion for crafts grew and at one point I decided that my working life should be more about creative work. So I finally took the plunge and set up Derby´s design Ltd.

at the beginning of 2021, I added the production of concrete interior elements. For almost a year I tested different solutions, materials and durability and developed the optimal solutions to offer durable and unique interior elements made of the best materials and only then I was ready to offer them to you.

"My desire is to provide people with positive emotions and to help them create a pleasant atmosphere in their homes with beautiful and original furnishings."

And now they're here on this page for you. Both dreamcatchers and concrete interior elements to offer something special and personal for your home while doing it with extreme pleasure and joy.

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Opening on 21.04.23
Interior Fair 2023

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