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AS Hals Trading is an Estonian capital based company engaged in import and wholesale of sanitary products. The history takes us back to 1991, when the foundry of AS Hals started its operation in Viljandi. As a logical continuation of the development, AS Hals Trading was founded in 1994, i.e. the company grew from a producer-exporter to an importer-wholesaler within three years. In order to better serve the customers of South-Estonia, in 1996 a subsidiary, AS Hals Trading-T, was established in Tartu. From 1999 until 30.06.2011 we were also active on the Latvian market under the name of SIA Hals Trading. Today, the Latvian company has a new owner and name, HLS Trading Ltd.

AS Hals Trading has three principles that are important for us:

  • to supply only high quality products
  • to take into account the needs of our partners by offering a flexible and high quality service
  • to remain on the market as an importer and wholesaler without having a retail business.
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Kivikülvi tn 8 Tallinn 12919

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