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Lotos & Ko is making pleating, accordion pleating, and sunrise pleating services.
Today we can perform any type of pleats with modern, computerized equipment.
Sewing services for women’s clothing.

Stylish sunray skirts or dresses are not only a feminine privilege that makes us catch up. Sunray pleated clothing gives femininity but also gives more self-confidence. Lotos & Ko pleated skirts look like magic wands, which helps to attract the attention of people passing by, create the image of a fatal woman and overcome all life’s difficulties.
1. Pleating sunrise graduated accordion pleats, flats pleats straight pleating, pleats box pleats straight with computer equipment.

2. Sewing Services: pleated skirts, sunrise pleated skirts, accordion-pleated skirts, women and men sewing kilt.

We are creative, flexible, and ready to cooperate with new customers. These may be business contracts or agency agreements.

The production cycle takes 2-3 weeks after the material is delivered. We guarantee quality and complete control of the production cycle.

The company is interested in establishing long-term cooperation based on mutual benefit.

The plant is equipped with modern sewing machines and computer program equipment.
100,000 products made in a year.

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Zemaites 96A, LT-76197, Siauliai, Lithuania


Zemaites 96A, LT-76197, Siauliai, Lithuania


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