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My passion for pearls has been this creeping throughout my life. As a child, I remember my mother's gold pendant with a tie and a white freshwater pearl. My jewellery box contains several pearls, both self-selected and gifted - white single pearls on a silver rope in a multi-strand strand - one of the pearls I chose for a festive occasion in my 20s, black tiny pearls strung on a multitude of strands in a large bundle and then knotted around the neck - a very imposing jewel for a young woman, a pink single baroque pearl on a cotton cord - such a summery adventurous jewel chosen in my 30s. None of them were the "granny pearls" type of jewel. So I've never quite understood what is meant by that. But it wasn't until my 40s that I had the idea to delve into the world of pearls overnight and start showing their beauty to others, making jewellery and breaking the myth that pearls are the 'ladies' jewels'.

Pearl lover Katrin

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Kasteheina 29, 75403 Kiili vald, Eesti

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Interior Fair 2023


Kasteheina 29, 75403 Kiili vald, Eesti


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