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  • Estonian Country Home 2022

Estonian Country Home 2022

Estonian country homes at Interjöör. Estonian country houses on show, in collaboration with Madis Liplap, interior designer of the Käsmu country house, Anne Jaanus, interior designer of the Young Family Country House and Eesti Näituste AS.

To visualise the interiors of country homes, show homes have been built in the Estonian Fairs Exhibition Centre. The room is a concept and does not claim to be a complete solution or a room program. It does, however, allow for in-depth visual and tactical reflection when creating your own country home interior concept. There are plenty of material samples and catalogues at the show homes. On site, Tuuni Ka's master furniture makers will be on hand to advise visitors free of charge on the restoration and renovation of old and second-hand furniture, as well as on the choice of finishing materials and techniques.

22. home designers will also be present on April and on this day, Madis Liplap, author of the "Käsmu House" project, will paint moments from his project on the interior furniture. Everyone is welcome to ask questions and gather ideas for designing their own home at the ideas area. There will be plenty of material samples and catalogues at the show homes.

Come and get ideas at Interior Design!

The idea of a small farmhouse

The idea is to adapt a small, simple old house into a new and practical 'weekend house'.

Two concepts have been used in the design of the show house. One part of the house has been renovated with as little disturbance to the old house as possible and largely retaining the old lines. The other part of the house has a newer design, which has led to the use of different materials in the finishing.

Playing with the new and the old is one of the ideas behind the house.

In the older part, for example, the electrical wiring has been installed as plaster heads, without disturbing the old plaster and paintwork. This gives the impression that the old 'bergmant' pipes have been removed and replaced with the fabric wires that are currently in place. In the new section, the wires are housed under a layer of plaster, and more fashionable, laconic steps and switches are used.

Speaking of electricity, you have to be prepared for anything when living in Estonia, as the increasing frequency of high winds is causing more and more power cuts. As a result, we've used battery-powered lights that can be recharged in the city and taken out for the weekend. The lights are also suitable for outdoor use - by placing them among the bushes, a lit garden is a great place for a picnic.

The exterior of the house uses different techniques, materials and colours for the newer and older parts. More modern boarding has been used to achieve the modern look, while traditional profiled boarding has been used to create the older look. Of course, colour schemes play an important role, and here too there are two solutions. The more colourful, striking combination is exemplified by the coral-red cube door, while the more understated solution is charming with its neutral tones that blend in with nature.

The interior finishes use traditional techniques, from lime paints and trafaretti to simple and laconic roller finishes. The overall design is kept understated, using a variety of natural tones to focus attention on the view from the window.

The floors are finished in a variety of durable and less durable materials that will age beautifully. We find painted plank flooring and beautifully wearable jute flooring, while stone and modern LVT tiling are long-lasting materials.

In terms of lighting, in addition to the aforementioned battery-powered luminaires - a direct reference to the seaside - we've used glass spotlights, which contrast with the modern and easy-to-install directional luminaires.

The various textiles (curtains, carpets, other fabrics) are made from natural fibres - or at least with a natural look. The aim is to design something that contrasts with the urban home, so that when you go to the countryside you can feel the change of environment. Everything is simpler, more ordinary and carefree - which is what a country house should be.

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