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Rest is one of the basic human needs - we all need it. Proper rest and recovery will improve your well-being and performance.

If you believe in the positive power of rest, take a look at our GoSleep capsules.
We've created different models to help people rest and recuperate in offices, 24-hour workplaces, airports and sports centres.

Our slogan is "More than a rest". Several studies have proven that a well-rested person is a better person. As a result, they are more compassionate towards themselves and more pleasant and productive. That's why we dare say that our capsules are the key to well-being in waiting areas, fitness centres and workplaces alike.

They give everyone the chance to be alone for a moment, to relax, rest and recover.

Unemuna represents a modern approach to sleep and recovery, offering innovative solutions that meet the needs of today's people. We live in a fast-paced world where the boundaries between work and private life are often blurred, making quality rest increasingly important. Sleep Eggs are specifically designed to support people's wellbeing and improve performance in a wide range of environments - be it offices, 24-hour workplaces, airports or sports centres. They are designed to provide users with a private and comfortable rest area that allows them to fully relax and recover in a short period of time.

Visitors to the interior design fair will have the special opportunity to try the Unemuna PRO version with Neurosonic low-vibration technology!

Welcome to Unemuna stand C-26!


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GoSleep - rest and recuperate in privacy


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