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Consultancy at Interior 2024: interior design, garden design, feng shui

For many of us, it seems like we can always do it ourselves when it comes to designing our own home or garden. What's so difficult? It's usually the questions and problems that arise in the process, and by the time something has gone completely wrong, we're in trouble. There are so many nuances in home and garden design that even the best of us can't think of. Even if the theory is clear, practical tips can still be shared by someone who has tried everything.

At the interior design fair Interiors 2024, there will once again be an advisory board with experts from the fields of garden design, interior design and feng shui. This is a good opportunity to get a personal consultation.

The consultancy is FREE OF CHARGE for visitors !


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Insurance assistance - essential to assess home insurance claims

When selling curtains, we are increasingly confronted with the issue of room acoustics. Curtains are often used to solve problems that have not been solved by other construction methods.

In fact, when looking for acoustic fabrics, it is important to know exactly what problem you are trying to solve. One of the biggest mistakes made when dealing with acoustics is not distinguishing between sound absorption and sound isolation.

Rooms that resonate and where every little sound becomes a disturbing noise need sound absorbing materials. These are usually large open spaces with lots of smooth hard surfaces.

By using sound-absorbing materials in such spaces, we can change the length of the reverberation and thus the function of the space.

Solving acoustic problems with textiles

How to create a beautiful garden instead of a boring hedge?

Almost every new garden owner is faced with the challenge of creating a hedge, which both creates privacy and delineates different zones. Usually, the easiest way is to do what everyone else does and plant a hedge of live trees. Livewood has many advantages: firstly, it is reasonably priced, has good durability and looks beautiful all year round. It also serves the purpose of providing privacy, but it is not all that simple.

The two most commonly used hedges are the fast-growing Brabant, which needs pruning, and the slower-growing Emerald, which, because of its conical shape, does not need pruning directly but grows very tall as the garden progresses. If these characteristics are not taken into account when planting the hedge, it is easy to end up with a situation where nature simply does its work. It is not uncommon for the Brabant to be planted too close to the garden and, as it grows, to simply push through it. In the worst case, half of the hedge ends up in the neighbour's garden. 'Brabant' is definitely the wrong choice if you don't have the time or inclination to prune the hedge.

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Potter's advice on choosing the right stove or fireplace and heating it correctly

When planning a new home, one of the most important decisions is the choice of heating system. Heating by stove is always an option, especially in rural areas where there is a risk of long-term power cuts. A stove provides the reassurance that the room will never be cold and a cooker the opportunity to cook. Admittedly, however, it is not comfort heating. Air-to-water systems, ground or gas heating are much more comfortable heating solutions, but all require electricity to operate. It is a choice that each individual has to make according to their own needs, living conditions and means.

However, even if the primary heating is, for example, electric, it would be advisable to always have a stove and oven in rural areas. This may be necessary if there are problems with the electricity system or if the price of electricity rises significantly. In the light of recent events, the Fire and Rescue Service also recommends that every home should have a wood-burning stove or portable gas cooker.

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Interior as story: Why is it important to connect people and space?

We always turn to an interior designer in the expectation that he or she will help us to create something extraordinary, something that speaks to us as individuals and is just right. However, according to Nadezda Kornilova, interior designer at Dez Studio, it is not at all an exceptional situation to simply be asked for suggestions on interior design or to be allowed to make only partial changes to an existing interior, such as painting only one wall of a finished room. But even this is a project, not just a suggestion. Every solution, including the choice of furnishings for a finished interior , requires the creation of a complete picture and an immersion in the theme, or story (concept). The more things are in place beforehand, the more time-consuming it can be to suggest anything at all.

Why tell us a story, just choose the interior!

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