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In the Lacore OÜ salon you can choose natural and strong products for your

decorative paints and plasters. A selection of ecological paints and plasters with air purifying properties. We have waterproof micro-concrete that can be used in wet and dry rooms, on floors and walls. Concrete screeds for both interior and exterior use.

In addition to a range of colours, we can also supply SPC parquet and water and fire resistant wall panels, as well as polyurethane floor and ceiling mouldings. Everything you need for your home or office from one place.

Lacore OÜ's main activity is the sale and installation of high quality Italian decorative paints and plasters. We are the representative of Novacolor products in Estonia. We are the most extensive decorative paints and plasters salon with the largest selection and possibilities.

All Novacolor products have a nature-friendly product label. 2021. redSert2 and Indoor Air Comfort Gold certifications since 2000. Which are the world's cleanest paint manufacturer certifications. The products have a ten year fade resistance. In addition to decorative products, Novacolor also has a range of exterior and interior paints that are easy to wash and maintain.

In addition, we offer Noel&Marquet polyurethane floor and ceiling tiles, light strips, rosettes and 3D wall panels

In the salon at Sõpruse pst.31, Tallinn you can consult samples and catalogues and our specialists will help you in your choice.

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Decorative colours


Swahili is a decorative paint for interiors, with a metallic sheen and selected quartz sand content that brings out an upscale visual effect and creates a unique playful surface in light and shade.Swahili allows for innovative chromatic and tactile effects that make the environment comfortable and in line with the most refined trends in interior design. Swahili is easy to install and can be handled by both the professional and the individual.


Decorative interior finish paint with mother-of-pearl metallic pigments for an eye-catching finish.
Animamundi reinterprets an innovative idea (faded concrete) by presenting a product with both a soft mother-of-pearl opaque- but also a strong textural feel. A decorative colour for luxurious interiors, suitable for modern as well as classic interiors. Animamundi paint can satisfy even the most demanding desire ensuring a prestige finish with its soft metallic shades.


Africa is a water-based decorative paint formulated with metallic pigments for a striking finish.
Suitable for both classic and contemporary interiors.

Africa is an odourless, non-toxic and water-based decorative paint.
The surface is durable and requires low maintenance.

Novacolor paints and plasters are natural and pure. Washable and moisture resistant.

The products have been awarded RedSert2 certification by the German Chemical Company, the only factory in the world to produce the purest colours.

in addition, the MatMotion series and Puro paint have been awarded Gold certification, these paints also purify the air, i.e. ionise it. MatMotion matte paint is the strongest and highest quality paint that can be produced. 1200 times washable, field repairable.

Novacolor is moving towards natural ecological production to save the pollution of nature and human health.


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